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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year ~ New Challenges

2010 is already gearing up to be an interesting year. Jay will be leaving us and I will be moving home to Texas. It was a difficult decision, as much of a fan of Virgina that I am (that is sarcasm dripping from my voice) I have made the BEST friends here and leaving them will be so difficult! With that said, my place is with my family, my mom, my sister and niece and my aunt and grandparents. I had started a graphic design program that I love and will be putting it on hold for a while so that I can help take care of Olivia. I will also be able to get everything together for our move overseas. I have to say that despite the fact that I will miss Jay more than anyone can imagine, I plan on spending the next year doing the things that I LOVE - Quilting, digi scrapping and cooking. I am going to convince my mom to take some cooking classes with me, quilt up a storm and start scrapping all these dam pictures that I take!
On that note - I am going to try a challenge that is fairly common in the digi scrap world - Project 365. This is where you take a picture a day. I however have no unrealistic expectations of my level of commitment and have already altered this to the Project 52. I will take a picture once a week and endeavor to take one more often, and I will use them on this blog. I will also resolve to blog at least once a week with these pictures and hopefully more often! So my commitment has been stated which i think is the first step - Wish me luck!!!!!