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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dylan's 5th Birthday

It is about time that I posted some random pics from Dylan's 5th Birthday -
We celebrated his birthday at his BeBe's house with the family there -
The theme was Backyardagins, Dylans current fav TV show - He loves Austin -

We had a hard time finding any Backardiagans themed cakes - so Jay and I created one :)

We all sang Happy Birthday to him -

And then he opened all his presents to many ooo's and Ahhs

He also took the time to read every card

Mom - Take a picture of my hat!!!

BeBe and Poppy with his present -

It was a great 5th Birthday!!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

WOW Do I need to update!!! So much has happened,....
Well we headed to Connecticut for the forth of July and had a wonderful time with all the family there - Here are some pictures from our first night there -

Emily -



Jay - In a pickup game of football with the boys
Dylan - Having fun in the sprinkler -

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pat Green!!!!!

I am so excited - I LOVE TEXAS Country - and there are just a handful of Country Artist's who define Texas Country - Pat Green is one of them!! If you look to my playlist on the left you will see some of his songs - Last Night he played in Jay's Hanger!!! I got to see him, meet him and most important Listen to him live !!! He was SUPER NICE and patient - he is an Air Force Brat too!!! His dad was a Fighter Pilot in Vietnam - Too Cool and he played the entire set - barefoot -
PAT GREEN ROCKS!!!! Here are some pics!!

Songs About Texas

This Song is the BEST and this video makes me want to cry - Enjoy!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Vicks First defense long

Because I Said So

Today I am inspired! I have read what has to be the funniest blog in so long - It is a modern Erma Bombeck - Because I Said So - I am now a true believer -
He Link is here -
And here is a sample from her blog -
see the video -

I cant tell you the number of times that I have REALLY thought about doing this!!

Seriously take a look!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jacob's 13 Layout

I am a scrappin fool - I LOVE this layout that I just did of Jacob -

I used Micheline's Kit Groove Tro:

And this awesome Template set!

Scrapbook Tutorial Links!!!

I saw this post on Digi Shop Talk and LOVED it - so I am reposting it from Thena at this link http://www.digishoptalk.com/boards/showthread.php?t=97475
but I was afraid that the link might disappear and I LOVE all the information and really wanted to share!!!
So here are some great scrap booking tutorial links

Al Ward http://www.actionfx.com/
Absolute Cross http://www.absolutecross.com/tutorials/photoshop/
Adobe Studio Exchange http://photoshopnews.com/2005/05/27/adobe-studio-exchange/
Designs by Mark http://www.photoshoproadmap.com/Photoshop-tutorials/Source/Designs%20By%20Mark/1/
Good-Tutorials.com http://good-tutorials.com/
Free Photoshop.com http://freephotoshop.com/
Hummie's World http://www.hummiesworld.com/
myJanee.com http://myjanee.com/
PhotoFoolery http://photofoolery.com/
Photoshop 101 http://www.photoshop101.com/
Photoshop Cafe http://www.photoshopcafe.com/
Photoshop Elements User.com http://www.photoshopelementsuser.com/
Photoshop Guys http://www.photoshopusertv.com/
PhotoshopKillerTips http://www.photoshopkillertips.com/
Photoshop for Photographers http://www.epaperpress.com/psphoto/index.html
Photoshop Roadmap http://www.photoshoproadmap.com/
Photoshop Support http://www.photoshopsupport.com/
Planet Photoshop http://www.planetphotoshop.com/category/tutorials/?id=tutorials
PSLover http://www.pslover.com/
PS Workshop http://psworkshop.net/psworkshop/
Scrappers Guide (requires $$)
SBB http://www.scrapbook-bytes.com/a-tut...sh/index.shtml
Skrapbook Design (requires $$)
Spoono http://www.spoono.com/
Team Photoshop http://www.teamphotoshop.com/

Check out You Tube under any version or topic
Check out About.com for almost any subject as well!


Adding http://www.scrappity.com/blogs/blog01/



Some sites also offer videos for free:Some good information here

List of shortcuts for Elements

Shortcuts for all versions of CS

Sometimes it is hard to see what a font really looks like because they are so small ...did you know that In Photoshop preferences, the last option on the pull-down menu, called Type, will allow you to adjust the preview size between small ...and huge??

Edited to add that this may only be in the last couple of versions...in CS3 it goes to huge and I think in CS2 to Large

Nerd Score!!!

Soooo For the SSD Blog Challenge I had to post how much of a nerd I am - I am so pleased to tell you that I am way more of a dork than a nerd!!!!! HA
So here is my "official" Nerd score

I am nerdier than 64% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Layout -

I was playing with Christy's new collab kit and here is what I came up with - I love this pic of the kids!!!
It was a little in a rush - but I really love it now - :D


0k - So I admit it - I have a new obsession - something has managed to pull me away from scrapping - Its that powerful - For those who know - its no suprise - Its the continuing saga of Edward and Bella - Yep - I was pulled in by Twilight - and I am now hooked - I LOVED it!!! and quickly went out and bought the others in the series and now cant wait till 8-2-08 !!!!!!

Shopping on Saturday!!!!

So on Saturday, much to my husbands GREAT displeasure I go on my scrap kit shopping spree!!! This Saturday, It is the 1st sat of the month so I will be using my sweet reward points - so I will not get them all till Monday but I wanted to share the newest kits to my stash!!!!! I LOVE THEM and Can't wait to get started scrapping them!!!!

Ok - so other than the AMAZING CT kits that I have (AND LOVE) these are the ones that I spent money onThere are only 3 sites that I really play at - they are warm friendly and I love their stuff - Other than the Sweet Shoppe - I also play at Faith Trues awesome new site Live Out Loud Scraps and the sweetest site on the web - Scrapmatters ~ so I wanted to share my new goodies from them -

From Faith ( I LOVE this new collab and the freebie from Victoria!!!)
And this new one from Britt-ish Designs

Whew - That was enough for today - have to buy some groceries!!!! HA!!!!!

Micheline's CT Team!!!!

As has been stated before, I love the sweet shoppe!!! I love all the girls there and I love the designers - I have been made to feel so at home and welcome!!! I have been honored and awestruck to be on Christy Lyles CT Team and a guest (hopefully more!!!!)on Eve Kipplers Team - these are both such amazing designers!!!! (and wonderful ladies!!!)
I recently applied for a position on Micheline Martin's CT team - and I was truly shocked when I was ACCEPTED!!!!! YA!!!!!! I love her soft and beautiful kits and I am so excited to be on her team!!!!!
I love my designers!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

What a fun and tiring weekend!!!
We started the weekend on Saturday - we had a big BBQ with some friends and spent the day eating and playing on the beach - We loved spending time with our friends -
One of the guys Chuck brought a giant sling shot with him and tons of water balloons to hit the kids - it was a huge hit -
here is a page I did about it

That night we decided to camp at the site - ya lesson learned - as you get older - camping on the ground - not so much fun -

We spent Sunday recovering -

Monday we went back to the Beach - just us to spend the day together - and it was wonderful!
I love that we have moved so close to the beach -

Here are some candids

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fun at Bush Gardens!!! :)

This year we caved and got everyone Bush Gardens Season Passes - Sunday we took everyone for the 1st time - we had so much fun!!!! The kids all LOVED it - and Dylan rode his first roller coaster - The Big Bad Wolf -
Here are some pics~

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Trip to the Aquarium :)

This has been a really exciting week for me -
1st off progress reports came home and Jacob who has been struggling for so long with school finally made the A/B honor role - we are so proud!!!
Thursday Jay and I took the kids to the Virginia Aquarium - it was a blast!! I love aquariums and this one was not the best, but still nice - They do a lot of work with sea turtles. Here is their web site.
Here is a lay out and some pics from the day -