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Saturday, January 23, 2010

One Week

Wow - I think I need to update more - But I am still proud of myself for keeping up with my 365 project. 23 days and still going strong!! So many fun things going on this week. We are still gearing up for the move.... We move into the TLF (hotel) Thursday and Jay signs out on the 12th. Then home sweet home at last!

Todays picture is so cute - to me - Jay works on the flight line, so he NEVER wears his blues. It's ok with me - they make him look like he works with delta or something - Totally dorky (that's the Army in me talking) He had to put them on this morning - 6am Commanders Call. There has been 5 DUI's so the group commander called them ALL in 6am in Blues for an ass chewing. Boy was he a happy camper!!!! I laughed so hard! But I did get a picture of him in Blues. It's not even his shirt. When they told him yesterday, we had to dig out a shirt and it was 2 ranks lower! He has never had it on!! So we called a friend ~ Thanks JP!
Here he is in his "Mad Men" pose

Yesterday they came to take all his stuff.... Kinda a hard day for me... But was made easier by the fact that the packers ~ man and woman ~ were the most unplesent people EVER!!! She was NOT happy at me for taking her picture and when I tried to explain the whole 365 thing she just glared at me. But she kept fighting with Mike - like an old married couple! We were rolling in the other room. This is the best shot I could get, I swear she was going to knock me out!

Jay's stuff separated for the move...

I have said it before and truly mean it - There is nothing like having to pack all your stuff and paint to inspire procrastnation - I mean creativity. I have been wanting to get into hybrid for so long!! I am so proud of myself! My 1st hybrid project.

Because I am a quilter, it is in my DNA to have at least 485 projects going at one time. When I can only quilt a min. I whip out this little number, my butterfly garden. It has lots of aplique, that I am going to try by hand, so I am getting it ready for the long drive to Texas

This is what it will look like when I am done (Ya Right)

My Rosenthal China - I Love it - It was my parents set - Before I had to pack it - These plates have been around the world a few times!!!

The boys going to The Chipmunks Movie! I totally refused to take them and left it to Jay! Ursula and I went to Leap Year instead. Boys loved it - Jay not so much - I think he updated his facebook status the whole movie!

In the spirit of procrastination - I have scrapped this week -

This one is from the One Love new Mega Kit - I LOVE IT -

Whew - are you still here??? That was like a novel - I promise to try and update more often! Well Jay has promised that if I help him pull up the pergo floor in the Kitchen I can start on my Dear Jane today!!!! I will be documenting this process!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Boys -

So much to catch up on! I am so blessed to have such a full life, wonderful family and such great friends!! Thank you God!
Yesterday was both Jacob and Jay's birthday! 15 and 31! Jacob celebrated in his typical style and took a bunch of friends for 6 hours of paintball!! They LOVED it - I am expecting pictures shortly! Jay took the more mellow approach. He picked a restaurant he loves - the local hibachi grill down the street and we met some friends there for dinner. It was such a good time - Here are some pictures from dinner and the picture of the day - I love it - I love catching him in moments where he looks truly happy! Here is about to bust into a big laugh!

A little too much Saki for me!!!

Dylan telling Dad Happy Birthday!

The Birthday Kiss!

Look at all that food we ate - makes my stomach hurt this morning!

Because they share a birthday, Jacob's day of the month will be the 15th - so here is his picture for the day -
I really really wish I could of been there for his birthday, it breaks my heart that I wasn't, but he was with family and friends and had so much fun. Such is the life of a military family. - This is the only picture that I fudged on - I took it before he left - I wanted one of him for his birthday .. Soon before we are together again - less than a month left.

For the 14th we took Dylan to Bingo for Books sponsored by the PTA - Thankfully he won!!! I love the picture of intense concentration on his face!! Too cute - He has his juice box there for sustenance!

On the agenda today - More packing!!! Shock of Shocks!!!! Soon hopefully it will be unpacking!! Today I loose my desk :( The computer will go on the kids rickety little crappy thing. So sad! Well off to corrugated heaven - Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Starting Dear Jane

I have to say that I am very proud of myself. I have kept up with my 365 pictures! While I have not bloged every day as this would tend to bore the life out of my faithful followers - (oh ya I don't have any :)) and there is just not that much to share right now. I think I can only talk about packing for so long.
Today's picture is just a way to document my LOVE of tea.

There is one big accomplishment ~ I have started the other major project of the year. I am also embarking on a quest to finish a Dear Jane quilt. This past summer I enrolled in a Dear Jane Block of the Month. I had to do it over the summer because they are so very popular. Yesterday my 1st month came in!! I was so happy - This is a Dear Jane -

It is a reproduction of a quilt made by Jane Stickle during the civil war. It is 169 4inch blocks, and a quilt cornerstone. Hence the picture of the day the UGLY fabric that they sent me to start with - BLECH!!!

The Orange is called Cheddar - really??? cheddar as a color? It actually resembles the color of something left in a baby diaper. I did not realize that the quilt would be in civil war reproduction fabrics - Needless to say I think I am going out this afternoon to my favorite quilt shop to fix the awful color dilemma - I am documenting this journey on my other blog - devoted to quilting - Adventures in Seam Ripping http://adventuresinseamripping.blogspot.com/
So it looks like I am making 2 Dear janes, One out of colors that I like and one I think I will sell because I CAN NOT waste fabric. I think its a mortal sin!

I also scrapped - just 2 pages - One about our move (using a 365 Picture)

and one to start the book of me.

The last picture is of Sunday's 365 - It is of Jay playing around with Dylan and lifting him in the air. He really wanted me to take that one! I think I have the picture to use for the no shadows challenge over at the Sweet Shoppe.

Well I need to get going to the quilt shop ... and keep praying that Jay does not keep up with this at work, I'll tell him all about if AFTER I get back!! Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wonderful Day

I have to start out this blog post by saying a HUGE thank you to my dear wonderful friend/sage/surrogate parent/quilt partner Linda ~ I am both lucky and blessed to have her in my life. She makes leaving here even that much more difficult. I will miss you terribly!
With that said I have to tell you about my WONDERFUL weekend. It has been such a great couple of days that I have not even really noticed that it is also FREEZING!!!!
Yesterday, after a "fun" filled day of packing/yelling (sometimes being a control freak has a downside) Jay took me out for some Starbucks and cheesecake. This was my reward for packing up my fabric. Knowing how hard it is for me to pack away any fabric (I took my Bernina on vacation to Hawaii with us. I swear) and knowing how happy it makes me, we went to the Starbucks in the Barnes and Nobel. This is also the one that serves the Cheesecake Factory Cheesecakes! I'm telling you whoever came up with that combination should win some sort of Nobel Peace Prize! (apparently they give them away nowadays!) Because of the trauma, I was not able to post a picture yesterday, so here it is.... some, a VERY little bit of my fabric stash....

Quilters are massive horders of fabric and I am no exception.... Knowing that I was starting to pack away some of my stash my good friend Linda took me out to lunch today. This is secret code for hey Nonnie, lets get in the car drive to Virgina Beach (next town over) and hit what has to be the best quilt store across the water, Whats your stitch N stuff to get more fabric!!!! Funny how that works! I think Linda knows it is my personal goal to try and hit EVERY quilt store in America (at least the ones in driving range) and this one was wonderful! It was full of fun and whimsical fabric, even the stuff from my favorite digi scrap artist Zoe Pearn.
so here we are in the picture of the day~

After filling our carts full of fun fabrics .... I so Love new fabric!!!!!.... we headed back across the water for mani and pedis. I have to tell you I love my feet and it was sheer heaven sitting in a massage chair having a man rub my feet. Jay will NOT touch them. If only they nail guy looked more like Matt Damon. I know how much you want to see it and so yes I documented it for you (and so I can scrap it later) ~ and before you ask yes those are my fingers and toes, NOT little Jimmy Dean sausages.

Karma and God being what they are, all good things have a price. My price - an evening at Chucky Cheese!!! Yes... that dreaded parent hell where as god as my witness I watched the people next to me change their child's dirty diaper ..... AT THE TABLE!!!!!! This was my payment for such a great day! The gods have been appeased and I did get some great pictures out of it!

Tomorrow as part of a challenge at the Sweet Shoppe I have agreed to let Dylan have the camera and take as many pictures as he wants. Kinda a day in the life from his perspective. This should be interesting. For now I am going to bed! My husband is calling me ... apparently this is the night of the season premier of Chuck - Lots of chucks in my life today!! To many for me - Goodnight all!

Friday, January 8, 2010


I can't believe that I have done this for a week!!! (neither can my husband!) Ya for me!! To celebrate my 1st week of 365/52 I am celebrating with a morning Starbucks!!! Today because of all the "snow" (gotta love VA!!) there was a 2 hour delay, So Jay got to take Dylan to school.

I think that with just a month left there are going to be LOTS of pictures of Jay (when I'm not mad at him) - Maybe I can actually get him to smile in some of them!!!! Here is a picture of the blizzard like conditions here

The packing has started - I can't believe that I only have 2 weekends left in this house. I can't say that I am sad to see it go, but it has been home .. I am SO excited to go home. I miss my family. I talk to my sister and mom at least once a day and I want to be able to be with them and my niece Olivia. I am torn I will miss all my friends here SO much. They really have become my family, but I am so EXCITED!!!!! The packing begins!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to School!

So finally Dylan headed back to school today!! And shock of shocks .. he was late!!! I am going to go ahead and blame the weather ... We walked and it was COLD!!!! all of the puddles are now ICE and yes I did fall and bust ass! Thankfully I had on so much padding (Coat, Ugs, Hat, Gloves ect...) and my mad ninja skills ..... It didn't hurt... ok only my pride. So in honor and appreciation of Dylan heading back to school - here is the picture of the day .....Thankfully I was saved from picking him up - Jay did that - With Jay leaving so soon he has to do all the out processing stuff like qualifying on his weapon.. (in the Air Force that is saying A LOT!!!) Needless to say he passed... He can hit a target... Now a moving target hmmmm..... When he came home with Dylan this is what greeted me at the door

Too cute! I was able to scrap today ... nothing encourages creativity like procrastination!! I entered the DigiScrap Addicts Scrapoff - So I had to scrap with the kits that they gave me. Don't get me wrong, they were very nice kits, I love Nikki and Aaron's but not what I normally scrap with - so very outside my box ....which is good!!! Here is what I came up with for Week One

Now off to pack more boxes - the daily countdown till we move out (to the TLF) - 22 Days and counting ......

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Missing them already!

So I skiped a blog post yesterday! But the picture was of me so I am totally letting that one go. I am proud of myself - I took the picture and posted in a few forums, but not here!!! Only in the weekly recap - but I digress. I have had a really busy few days ... The kids were suposto fly out to Texas yesterday, but the plane left at 5:50 AM so..... Ya we missed it ... They did make it this morning - and here is the picture

Jacob was NOT happy about having his picture taken - "Mom why are you doing this? It's not like it's the 300th time we have gotten on a plane" - This was the other picture in the bunch.

He is right we do this all the time, I guess that is the nature of the military family, but it still gets me EVERY time - I balled like a baby on the drive home. I am just so glad that it is only for a few more weeks till I pack the house up and join them home.

We also took the Christmas Tree down...... Ok Jay and Dylan took the Christmas Tree down

And I scrapped!!!!!!

Now the kids are gone, I have to start packing... I promised them they would not have to come home to Christmas with boxes... Now just 2 1/2 weeks left till we move out of this crappy base housing!!!!! THANK GOD!!!!!!!!! Until tomorrow!!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lost to the Dark Side

Another day - another picture. I don't know if I will be able to blog every picture that I take, but for now its working for me... Today is the 3rd - and because Dylan's birthday is the 3rd of July every 3rd will be a picture of Dylan.
This was actually a hard picture to get of him - Because the kids are leaving tomorrow, I tried to implement a NO electronics policy - Ya it didn't work - They all wanted (Jay included) to watch the new Family Guy -
Dylan wanted to keep watching the movie -

And he kept laughing the whole time -

We went to a play some game with friends last night and had the best time - After some Yatzee domination - the dice were clearly rigged - we played the best game

So when I implemented the no electronics rule - Jay and Emily went on a quest to find it - After 4 stores and no game they came home in defeat .... that's when I relented and lost them all.....

Can't compete with Seth Mcfarlane! Now there is talk of watching all the Star Wars episodes again - the originals ..... Wish me luck! Off to Amazon to order the game - by the way - VERY FUN!!!