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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Boys -

So much to catch up on! I am so blessed to have such a full life, wonderful family and such great friends!! Thank you God!
Yesterday was both Jacob and Jay's birthday! 15 and 31! Jacob celebrated in his typical style and took a bunch of friends for 6 hours of paintball!! They LOVED it - I am expecting pictures shortly! Jay took the more mellow approach. He picked a restaurant he loves - the local hibachi grill down the street and we met some friends there for dinner. It was such a good time - Here are some pictures from dinner and the picture of the day - I love it - I love catching him in moments where he looks truly happy! Here is about to bust into a big laugh!

A little too much Saki for me!!!

Dylan telling Dad Happy Birthday!

The Birthday Kiss!

Look at all that food we ate - makes my stomach hurt this morning!

Because they share a birthday, Jacob's day of the month will be the 15th - so here is his picture for the day -
I really really wish I could of been there for his birthday, it breaks my heart that I wasn't, but he was with family and friends and had so much fun. Such is the life of a military family. - This is the only picture that I fudged on - I took it before he left - I wanted one of him for his birthday .. Soon before we are together again - less than a month left.

For the 14th we took Dylan to Bingo for Books sponsored by the PTA - Thankfully he won!!! I love the picture of intense concentration on his face!! Too cute - He has his juice box there for sustenance!

On the agenda today - More packing!!! Shock of Shocks!!!! Soon hopefully it will be unpacking!! Today I loose my desk :( The computer will go on the kids rickety little crappy thing. So sad! Well off to corrugated heaven - Have a great day everyone!


Vanessa said...

looks like he had a nice birthday!

Melissa said...

Wow, two birthdays on the same day! Looks like they had a great time!

~Angie said...

love the birthday pics and glad they both had a great birthday...I bet paintball was a blast!!!