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Saturday, January 23, 2010

One Week

Wow - I think I need to update more - But I am still proud of myself for keeping up with my 365 project. 23 days and still going strong!! So many fun things going on this week. We are still gearing up for the move.... We move into the TLF (hotel) Thursday and Jay signs out on the 12th. Then home sweet home at last!

Todays picture is so cute - to me - Jay works on the flight line, so he NEVER wears his blues. It's ok with me - they make him look like he works with delta or something - Totally dorky (that's the Army in me talking) He had to put them on this morning - 6am Commanders Call. There has been 5 DUI's so the group commander called them ALL in 6am in Blues for an ass chewing. Boy was he a happy camper!!!! I laughed so hard! But I did get a picture of him in Blues. It's not even his shirt. When they told him yesterday, we had to dig out a shirt and it was 2 ranks lower! He has never had it on!! So we called a friend ~ Thanks JP!
Here he is in his "Mad Men" pose

Yesterday they came to take all his stuff.... Kinda a hard day for me... But was made easier by the fact that the packers ~ man and woman ~ were the most unplesent people EVER!!! She was NOT happy at me for taking her picture and when I tried to explain the whole 365 thing she just glared at me. But she kept fighting with Mike - like an old married couple! We were rolling in the other room. This is the best shot I could get, I swear she was going to knock me out!

Jay's stuff separated for the move...

I have said it before and truly mean it - There is nothing like having to pack all your stuff and paint to inspire procrastnation - I mean creativity. I have been wanting to get into hybrid for so long!! I am so proud of myself! My 1st hybrid project.

Because I am a quilter, it is in my DNA to have at least 485 projects going at one time. When I can only quilt a min. I whip out this little number, my butterfly garden. It has lots of aplique, that I am going to try by hand, so I am getting it ready for the long drive to Texas

This is what it will look like when I am done (Ya Right)

My Rosenthal China - I Love it - It was my parents set - Before I had to pack it - These plates have been around the world a few times!!!

The boys going to The Chipmunks Movie! I totally refused to take them and left it to Jay! Ursula and I went to Leap Year instead. Boys loved it - Jay not so much - I think he updated his facebook status the whole movie!

In the spirit of procrastination - I have scrapped this week -

This one is from the One Love new Mega Kit - I LOVE IT -

Whew - are you still here??? That was like a novel - I promise to try and update more often! Well Jay has promised that if I help him pull up the pergo floor in the Kitchen I can start on my Dear Jane today!!!! I will be documenting this process!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Vanessa said...

I did know your husband was in the air force.

I did 10 years, got out in June 2009.

We hated wearing our blues too.

Lena said...

I was reading your blog for so long my hair grew.

Just kidding! ;)

That was quite the whirlwind week! And I am ROLLING over here that you still took that ladies' photo even though she clearly thought you were insane. That is true dedication for you!

Crystal said...

LOL!!! I was talking to a friend who got rear ended and she was like "I have turned into crazy P365 lady, so I of course had my camera" and I swear that that must be what people think when we start taking pictures of anyone and everything!!

I loveall your photos!!!

Melissa said...

That is hilarious about the movers. Of course, I don't know how I would have reacted if I was in her situation. Does seem a little weird that a stranger would want to take your picture - especially if she didn't understand the whole 365 thing.

Balinda said...

Yay for you that you are still going strong with the P365 will all that you have going on.

Traci Reed said...

hahaha he's so cute! Though I agree with the packer lady...if someone was taking my pic at work, I'd be mad! haha

amson said...

I don't envy you the move as I have done this too many times. Wonderful photos!

Barbara said...

you are one busy lady! I'm sure life is rather hectic for you right now getting ready for the move.
I'mm looking forward to working with you on the collab project at LYM.