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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Missing them already!

So I skiped a blog post yesterday! But the picture was of me so I am totally letting that one go. I am proud of myself - I took the picture and posted in a few forums, but not here!!! Only in the weekly recap - but I digress. I have had a really busy few days ... The kids were suposto fly out to Texas yesterday, but the plane left at 5:50 AM so..... Ya we missed it ... They did make it this morning - and here is the picture

Jacob was NOT happy about having his picture taken - "Mom why are you doing this? It's not like it's the 300th time we have gotten on a plane" - This was the other picture in the bunch.

He is right we do this all the time, I guess that is the nature of the military family, but it still gets me EVERY time - I balled like a baby on the drive home. I am just so glad that it is only for a few more weeks till I pack the house up and join them home.

We also took the Christmas Tree down...... Ok Jay and Dylan took the Christmas Tree down

And I scrapped!!!!!!

Now the kids are gone, I have to start packing... I promised them they would not have to come home to Christmas with boxes... Now just 2 1/2 weeks left till we move out of this crappy base housing!!!!! THANK GOD!!!!!!!!! Until tomorrow!!!!


Holly Nicole said...

Lovely picture! Adorable kids!

DawnMarch said...

Love the photos! Good luck with your packing!

Lilach Oren said...

your kids are so beautiful!! I love your journal and LOVE the photos effects. good luck with packing

Balinda said...

wow..you have been busy.

Nikki said...

My son would SO look like that. In fact, he often does when I'm trying to take his pic =]

Love your pages!