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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Double Double Toil and Trouble, It's Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!
It's the morning after here in Korea, and most in the family are still sleeping after their candy high!Being a military family overseas can have it's toll on the family, and to me one of the MOST important things to maintain a happy home life is to maintain traditions while being flexible.
This is not always so easy - you have to improvise, like this year we could not find Popsicle sticks for the caramel apples, so we used chopsticks.
Some years it means trunk or treating rather than
trick or treating, and some years it even means making new traditions, but having traditions helps keep us grounded when we miss home.
This year even though we miss our daughter, who is in the states, we kept with traditions. We started the day making a huge pot of homemade chili - With 3 kinds of meat! Yummm. We also watched the RANGERS WIN!!!!!!! (hopefully this will be another Halloween tradition - watching the rangers in the world series)
The boys really wanted to make the caramel apples this year - and surprising me - Jacob the oldest led the charge!

Then it was off for some trick or treating -
This year Dylan wanted to be his favorite character - Indiana Jones!

Lots of candy to be had in the base housing towers -
I also want to say thank you, I know that with many Halloween has fallen out of favor, and there were many signs on doors saying Sorry we are at church - and candy is expensive ~ So thank you to all who still participate! Who buy the candy and sit and hand it out for 2 hours! The kids LOVE it and we the parents appreciate it! THANK YOU!!!

We also had the opportunity to carve some pumpkins thanks to the community center on base last weekend and Dylan wanted me to show everyone his pumpkins - Another event that was so fun for the whole family!!
So far only one layout for Halloween - More to come soon!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!!! Have a safe one!!!


Darcy said...

Great pumpkins!!!!!! Especially like the barfing one!